Who we are

We're a different kind of consulting company.


Omnivo Digital is built on a simple yet powerful idea: if consultants could fully understand business processes as well as execute technology solutions, then clients would get better results. We were right. By forming a team where every consultant has both a technical background and business management expertise, we deliver results in real time without unnecessary handoffs, we deliver projects faster, and exceed expectations by providing comprehensive solutions.


What's more, because our organizational structure cuts out all the extra overhead and fluff of a traditional agency, we can provide high quality consultations at a lower cost.

Our Story

Omnivo Digital was founded by Jason Sun, a UCLA MBA and Adam Zuckerman, a UC Berkeley applied mathematics grad who grew tired of consulting companies charging exorbitant rates and then outsourcing the work while tying clients up in layers of staff to - in the end - only produce mediocre results.


After polling friends, colleagues, business partners and clients about their experiences with traditional marketing agencies and consulting firms, the roots of the problem crystalized: bureaucracy, unreasonably high rates of over $250 per hour, lack of understanding of the business and finally, layers of salespeople, customer service, and project managers between the client and those who do the actual work... we listened and created Omnivo Digital.


Every engagement with Omnivo Digital is with a well-rounded team of versatile experts who will understand your business and have the technical chops to implement your project. Rather than working with a project manager that will end up outsourcing work halfway around the world, our consultants are responsible for both understanding your business needs and getting the work done. No time wasted with go-betweens and nothing gets lost in translation. Additionally, without the extra overhead of a traditional firm, we can pass the savings onto our clients.

Our Mission

Omnivo Digital believes all business should have access to high quality consultations without having to pay the exorbitant fees traditional firms charge. We've formed a team and an organizational structure that cuts out all the extra overhead and fluff of a traditional agency to one that gets right down to the core work, delivering results that realize high ROIs and exceed expectations at a reasonable cost.

Our Vision

We are here to challenge the status quo of consulting. We aim to recruit and nurture a team that is both skilled in technical implementations and well-versed in understanding and solving business challenges. The result is more successful projects that scale as your business grows and faster build times without the traditional back-and-forth that takes place between those who gather your business requirements and those who do the actual work.

Featured Partners

We have built relationships with partners with one thing in mind: client success. Sometimes an existing product or service perfectly meets one of your business needs - and it makes more strategic or financial sense than building code from scratch.  For these cases, we have carefully vetted industry leaders and work hand in hand with them throughout the entire process to bring you and your customers the best experience.

Commitment to Excellence

The quality of our work is in direct proportion to our commitment to excellence. Our certifications are a measure of the depth and breadth of our skill and knowledge on the Salesforce platform.

400 Continental Blvd., Sixth Floor, El Segundo, CA 90245

(424) 256-8112